We are Foreigner Friendly swedish massage parlor
based on the spirit of Japanese passionated hospitality.

We are the traditional swedish massage parlor opening only for foreigners
who come from different countries. You will have time to be known
"Japanese Culture", "the spirit of Japanese passionated hospitality", and "Healing"

Best Locations for Sightseeing

for your hotel and private address
from 14 branches
in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe
and the other, Japan.

Executive standard for your Massage

Japanese Massage Girl is swedish massage parlor that Japanese girl do the massage
for only froeigners like no other in Japan as a traditional one.

Every Girls wear Japanese traditional clothings duringb the massage.

Female therapist Rinses your body.

You will take Thin Napkin-pants for massage,
and then Girl leaving Japanese clothing on
rinses your body Enjoy your kind‐hearted time with
"the spirit of Japanese passionated hospitality"

Get dressed "Loincloth"
before the massage.

Client will wear the "Loincloth" to get known the Japanese culture.
"Loincloth" is as known as the clothings while festival,
also known Japanese traditional clothings loved
by Japanese male in mid of our history.
This is not only while fastival, also male weared
just "Loincloth" during festival.

※ "Loincloth" is used for "Sumo belt"
called "Mawashi" in Japanese.
※ Female therapist helps you how to wear Loincloth.

Get started the swedish massage.

Enjoy your massage and conversation with Japanese girl
to have some carefree and relaxed time.
※Thank you for your understanding.
Some therapists speak English, some are not.

Not required to rinse the massage oil,
it has moisturizing effect.
Let us know if you mind, girl will rinse the massage oil.

You can have bath salt for free
if there is bath tub at your hotel or private address.
Taking your carefree and relaxed time.

Rate makes your Experience

We accept Credit Cards below, also Paypal.

Essential Therapeutic

*Basic Therapy for full body
swedish massage and Health
*Extended from Essential
Therapeutic Styles. Good for our clients to have your favorite girl.

Intermediate Therapeutic

*Essential Therapy for full body
swedish massage and Health
Benefits to know us.
*First experience for mild stress
and relaxation with Japanese
therapist girl.

Advanced Therapeutic

*Complete experience with
Japanese Therapy for full body
swedish massage and Health
*Plus times to enjoy conversation
with Japanese therapist girl.


※ Normal travel charge for

However it costs extra charge if your hotel is far from our branch.
※ Available for delivery outside these locations above.

Included Language Care Support

Benefits for our clients, you can have these services below.

Clients can have the particular service after registration
with "your name (any)" and "PIN code(any)" if you like to be.

Tourist guide service to find
any kind of nice stores and sightseeing spots.

If you can't find any places that you like to visit,
because of your situation like No wifi at your hotel, not good at Japanese or local places.
We will let you know what you like to know according to our experiences
from our clients who has lived in 13 cities in Japan. We can suggest the place
that foreigners must visit. Because we have natiowide network and foreign employees.

Free language translation service at Taxi,
restaurant, and so on.

Because you will have the most common language problems for foreigners
to speak in few Japanese phrase. I'd be hard for you to tell Japanese people in English in Japan,
because Japanese don't understand English at many places. Especially, at publice
taxi, buses, boutique and restaurant. We have had many issues from foreigners.
We will support you by translating directly between Japanese speaker and us
after hearing what you like to tell on the phone.

We will support you evrything you need.

Feel free to contact us during your stay in Japan anytime however not listed above.
Thank you for your consideration if it's an academic,
technical or exclusive stuffs, it'd cost extra charge and take time.
We will introduce the professionals in your case.

Steps to Book Only 2 mins!

Make a phone call us
after cheking into a hotel.

Our reception will ask you what time to
start and your hotel information.

After your booking, therapist will
greet you and arriving for a massage.

Girl will hear your current physical
condition and any specific areas in which
you are experiencing pain or would like to
address during your massage.

Best Locations for Sightseeing

OUTCALL & Meeting

for your hotel and private address
from 14 branches in
Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe
and the other, Japan.

Reservation Form for 24hour

Feel free to call us, if you like to make your booking by Phone call.
Feel free to contact us if you have any kind of question or need an advice about our service.

TEL: +81.6.6212.1950

Open Hours 9AM - 5AM next morning (Last call)

We accept Credit Cards below, also Paypal.


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